The Message

The Nutritionist with the Minimalist Twist

As a Registered Dietitian with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science and M.S. in Clinical Nutrition, Sarah served in Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and hospitals, gaining extensive experience providing medical nutrition therapy to patients with chronic disease including diabetes, hypertension, congestive heart failure, kidney disease, cancers and thyroid disorders. After years of treating the end results of a lifetime of poor health habits, she changed paths to become an integral player in the preventative efforts of fighting the rise in the overweight and obesity that is largely the cause of preventable disease.

Her desire is to see all people succeed at preventing or reversing overweight, obesity and chronic disease, shedding the excess fat cells that weigh them down, eliminating multiple chronic medication use and finding inner physical strength and stamina.

She shares SIMPLE, easily understandable, applicable strategies to transform the way you eat and look at food.

She will help wade through the mounds and mounds of nutrition MISinformation and stigmas that stunt progress.


Negativity, Fad Dieting, Viewing Food as "Good" or "Bad," Believing All Health News Media, Skipping Dessert on Thanksgiving, Feeling Guilt for Eating Candy on Halloween, Focusing on Scale Numbers, Judging Others, and Reliance on Supplements, Cleanses, and other Quick Fixes

Welcome to Simpletic Nutrition

You work 40+ hours every week, go to school, take care of your loved ones, or otherwise hustle hard, rarely seizing the opportunity to stop and think about yourself. Your life. Your health.

You read the magazine articles and watch the news. Every day there is a new revolutionary study about what foods are “good” and what foods are “bad.” Will egg yolks raise my cholesterol or not? Will milk fat make me fat? Is coffee good or bad? Why are there 10,000 different types of yogurt? Greek or regular? Fat or no fat? Artificially sweetened or honey sweetened? Is it OK to eat fruits and vegetables from a can?

The over-complication of information leaves you confused and frustrated, and is the reason why so many desperately desire positive health change, but never take action. How could you possibly know where to start?

The health equation is not as easy as “calorie in, calorie out.” You already know that eating less and moving more leads to better health outcomes.

What you need are practical skills to fit optimal nutrition and physical movement into your every day without compromising your lifestyle.