Minimalist Eating.

From tiny houses to 20 item wardrobes, I'm obsessed with all things minimalism.

Something about simplifying and minimizing all aspects of my life removes a weight by reducing my anxiety and increasing my mental clarity.

There's no better way to apply a minimalist approach than to your health.

I have always been a simple cook and have eaten much of the same things for years.

I am convinced that this "simpletic" approach to eating has enabled me to maintain a healthy weight through college and two pregnancies and have the energy that I do while having what people would assume is a "busy" life.

I work full time, I have two very young, active boys, I am married and yet I still find the time to take care of my health. 

There is no excuse big enough to justify letting your health go. Without it, you have nothing.

This is only the beginning of the Simpletic Nutrition movement, and I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by the ideas, articles, recipes, meal ideas and philosophies that I have to share.